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OILING Inline - slotking - 01-13-2012

RE: OILING Inline - hornet - 01-14-2012

That must be the slotless G,i don't see no stinking guide-pinTongueBig Grin.

Good idea and video MikeWink

(01-13-2012, 07:08 PM)slotking Wrote:

RE: OILING Inline - slotking - 01-14-2012

its a oiling vid, not driving! LOL

Got to bring the rest over here.

RE: OILING Inline - hornet - 01-14-2012

I thought maybe you'd taken the floating pin to the next level,and went invisible,lolTongueBig Grin.

The oiling video's are a great idea MikeIdea