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Definition of what "Readily Available" means
Whats your guys take on the definition of what's "Readily Available on Race Day"
Mine is simple
if some is selling making and selliing somthing.

Sometimes it a big player and many people know about it.
Sometimes it is a startup and only a few know about.

ie.. at the hopra nat a few years ago, a small group of friends had a t-jet bodies no knew about, the ND asked if the had more for sale and the maker a few more that he sold and they became legal for the nats.

sometimes it is hard to even get the national brands of some products
Geez, how many times can this be discussed? This path has been traveled over and over. Everyone's opinion is the absolute correct answer. Tempers flair, flames result. In the end, nothing is accomplished, the debate dies down. And, then, just like now, it rears its ugly mug again...


Give it a rest!
not everyone has been around as long as you Wink
since you were friends with the lady
was helen of troy really that cute? :lol: :lol:
Nah, but she had a great personality Wink
:lol: :lol:
Dave stick a sock in it.
Post a tip once in awhile,then "maybe" i'll listen to you.
My take on readily available,means it should be for sale at the track,especially if it's a big race.
Quite often we have a hard time getting products up here,and "butt fl uck nowhere USA" probably ain't any better for getting new releases either.
What about the inside guy that gets everything ahead of everybody else,should he be allowed to race stuff that you can't get,it's still listed as readily available.
I'd like you guys to give good reasons why readily available,shouldn't mean it has to available trackside.
Realistic answers would be nice for a change.
lets say I show up to a race, its availble track side
1> I do not have the money to buy it! had it last week if I was able to get over the net!
2> New product, but not enough time get it to work right or best.
3> I show up late and the good stuff is gone.
4> I do not race local races
5> there is no local track, I can only buy over the net or snail mail, or phoneBig Grin
sometimes a vendor makes somthing new, promotes it, but has a small supply
the local or regional guys buy them out?

Its still readily avaiable

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