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glue / epoxy

I have aways used Black max to glue my unlimiteds.

John mullins told me about an epoxy a couple of years ago that works well but the aplicator is like $25!

I was told gorilla glue will not hold well.

what do you guys use?
what have you found about various glues?
JB Weld,it's a 2 part steel epoxy that'll glue damn near everything together
JB weld does not work very well on Unlimited cars Wink
Yea it probably would be a problem,if the magnets were close.
You couldn't use it to glue magnets in,but,we've used it to add stiffening braces on Scorpion chassis's seems to be okay in that situation.
I should'a said something about magnets and steel,i just assumed most guys would know <_<

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