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New Polymer ( Ceramic Grade Gjet by Scale Auto )
Well it seems the game will be changing, how many will be switching and allowing polymer magnets aka ceramic grade in gjets well it is speculated in the below words that this could become the standard how many will accept and adapt to this standard and since it looks like it may be the new wave I wonder how many local groups will allow it since it may very well be the new RTR?

From a Post elsewhere !!!

F1 G-Jet Test Session

Numerous racers will be gathering at Buenna Terra Raceway today to shake down the cars for the 1st ever Arizona G-Jet F1 race November 14th.

The weather is gorgeous and hopes are high for some good testing to get in starting at 2pm. There is a lot on the list to try out. First the cars arrived from Scale Auto in ceramic motor form which was a special request.

<span style='color:blue'>Apparently the new bonded ceramic level motor magnets are so good that is how the remaining G-Jets will be sold.</span>

But check with Scale Auto on that. We will baseline the cars in ceramic form concentrating on speed and handling. With 10 cars to tune up there will be a lot of work for the mechanics as Saturday night partying should have worn off.

Suspension and motors will be looked at. When baseline lap times for these new long wheelbase, wide front tire cars is established we will move to tuning them to be as equal as possible. The input will be coming from national, regional champions along with some new friends travelling a long way from Tucson to help us in the prep.

With 875 shoes and .008" springs providing a nice starting point we may "crush" some springs down from .230" in length to ~.210" and see what happens. Plenty of spare motors hopefully getting down the straight should not pose a problem. We'll try the new bonded magnets and see how the drivers like them. The thought is we will be converting all of the cars to them anyway but want to baseline with the ceramics first.

Results of testing will be posted next week. Special thanks to Scale Auto for getting the cars to us on time.

The November 14th race will be IROC style with 4 cars painted to match Buenna Terra's lane colors of red, white, blue and yellow.

Been a while since I did some hard plastic painting but hopefully the skills are coming back. Hope the mechanics remember to take the air intake plug out before going on the track!

As usual, great paint job Greg! With ASTs on the back the car is just a G-Jet that is a tad heavier than normal. With the slip on tires its a whole different animal and more challenging to drive as tire management is key!

To support NART's decision on when to move to the new bonded ceramic strength motor magnet I did an quick A-B-A test with the G-Jet F1 car. The reason I chose the F1 car is that I did a lot of development on the car setting it up for long runs without burning down the slip on tires. This meant that I had good data and I knew what it could do.

Before the test the car turned a best lap of 3.970 and would run in the 4.0 bracket all day.

With the bonded motor magnets the car turned a best lap of 3.941 and could run in the 4.0 bracket at will. The bottom of both magnets was the same height when compared to the bottom of the chassis. This isn't always the same with ceramic magnets.

I put the original magnets back in the car and it turned a best lap of 3.971 and could run in the 4.0 bracket at will. Performance was the same as before the bonded magnets were installed. However, with the original set back in the car it felt a bit light when compared to the bonded magnets. Looking closer I noticed that the bottom of both magnets was NOT at the same height when compared to the bottom of the chassis.

It wasn't much but it was noticeable.

Changed that magnet and the car felt better and turned a 3.942! With the second set of ceramic magnets the car felt as it did with the bonded magnets.

This makes sense as one magnet was riding higher than it should have been and the car did not have the same downforce.

The first A-B-A test indicates that the bonded motor magnets are no better than a really good set of ceramic magnets.

Quote:The first A-B-A test indicates that the bonded motor magnets are no better than a really good set of ceramic magnets.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

so like now people will have to buy new mags so they can get the "like a good pair" of ceramic magnets
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They will now need <span style='color:green'>Green Wire Arms </span>

Now Look at there Recent Findings - The Unbelievable and misleading is Highlighted in<span style='color:red'> Red </span>

Some G-Jet info.

All weights in grams

Stock Tomy F1 body……2.3
Modified to clear weight…..2.1
Modified and front wing reinforced…..2.3
Modified, reinforced, painted, decaled, clear coated……2.4

<span style='color:red'>Ceramic motor magnets…..3.5 (1270-1290 gauss)
Bonded ceramic level motor magnets…..3.8 (990-1180 gauss)</span>
.032” short wheelbase front weight…..0.7
.020” long wheelbase front weight…..0.4

Rear weight .136” height…..1.2
New rear weight .120” height…..1.0

F1 chassis w/o body……15.8
.020” weight, wide front tires.

Short wheelbase w/o body……15.7
.032” weight, o-ring front tires.

AST rear tires .240” wide

G-Jet narrow double flange rim .290” diameter x .180” wide
G-Jet narrow rubber slip on tire +.450” diameter x .210” wide

if we keep to our guns, and only race ceramic, then they will have to supply them or lose business
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I PLan to defintely stick to my guns and I also got something in mind even if Scale Auto decides to introduce polymer to Super Stock.

My plan will use all ceramics and defintely be cheaper than SS

Some of the New Stuff I see are just Promotional Gimmicks - No Real Performance Value !!!

I believe some of the old school flavor here is very beneficial I have even seen some the old in the new stuff we have now

Tyco Short Car

Made by Steve Godinez

[Image: short-cars-007b.jpg]

[Image: short-cars-010b.jpg]

In this setup we used Stock Motors, Green Wires, and even customs, along with the option of Ball Bearings.

I don't think the wheel has been reinvented I believe the new stuff now is just the old been given a Make Over,

I got something Better in mind <span style='color:blue'>Coming Soon !!! </span>
I thought that you guys were all for a cheaper alternative to the current ceramics? If the performance is the same why complain?
because years of effort and thousands of dollars of investment into super stock will be wasted after the move, all my ceramic stuff will become obsolete just like my level 19 stuff and my tyco stuff and my g3 stuff and my p3 stuff and my t1 stuff, must i go on
Dude, dont Dude me like that.
Well said Chris, There's talk about putting a ohm limit on R/O, So any motor under 3ohm will be for unlimited..Sounds pretty STUPID to me..
If they go into poly S/S we should just forget that class altogether and run L/L Cot cars with slip ons, Much much cheaper no mag wars and they are more nascar realistic.. Big Grin
schnoid Wrote:I thought that you guys were all for a cheaper alternative to the current ceramics? If the performance is the same why complain?
I Really don't have a problem but it did throw a bone in the game for those who race the Gjet.

My Car of choice is still the T2 now On my Local scene it has been barred from the Wednesday Night Jet Racing because it was believed to have an advantage over the other Cars because of its Chassis Design & Location of the magnets.

Now that Naperville Group on behalf of Bsrt has introduced the Polymer ( Ceramic Grade 6 Motor Magnets ) into the Gjet.

And also may have sent some Cars to KC that may have even been Ran in the F1 Iroc Gjet Race and maybe even some of the other Cars I can't confirm but I did hear of a Racer or Two comment that a Car or two was Stuck and they could not run it off while trying to do so,

But In addition to that the Naperville Group has basically announced that <span style='color:red'>the remainimng Gjets being sold by Scale Auto will have the Polymer Ceramic Grade 6 Motor Magnets</span>.

It is apparent and no need to dispute that the Polymer Grade 6 Magnets are stronger than Ceramics and will change the Dynamics of the Gjet or anyother Jet Class Car.

With this new Revelation I know in my local area there is no need to Dis Allow The Ceramic T2 Jet from the local racing. But Its not my decision.

But If they allow Polymers in Jet Class Racing then ceratinly a Car with Ceramic Magnets should be allowed to Run !!!.
Quote:If the performance is the same why complain?

From what i have read, it's not the same!
I think the push is from bsrt because they are running low on SG+ ceramic motor mags fro the g3.
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