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it works
I threw a 37/37 into the car, not bad on the dyno, waiting for the pinion to dry and I can do some real testing
with the pinion dry, the car ran pretty good for being high off the track.

I will see if I can find tires to drop it down some and to how the 37/37 deals with it.
Better lean the motor mags over.It'll run better once you get the right angles figured for leaning the mags over,you want the bottom inside the rails a little bit ,and the tops leaned out .
Works good enough for a drop-in level 42 storm to run 1,58 on 63.5 ft,or 40 ft per sec
6 mags
4 traction mags, 2 being under the motor mags.
And how many feet a sec.
Anybody know what the guys running drop-in neo and unlimited ran at Walts last week-end for laptimes or feet per sec
on my track I have hit 2.002
75' track

looking at POS, scott did 897 laps in 5min main, his best time(that I can see) is 1.662

not sure of the buck size
Haven't been to POS yet,but if i remember right,i think i read years ago that Walts track was roughly 52ft on the inside and somewhere around 55/6 ft on the outside lane,but like i said,that was from yrs ago,and my memory ain't as good now :lol:
So a homebuilt drop-in level 42 neo storm that does 1.58 on 63.5 ft of Wizztrack,using slip-on tires no less,and a spinner arm,is pretty impressive eh :lol: .
depends on the layout?

I do not think the max & wiz tracks have the tight turns of a scorp or my track.
but i do not know for sure?
I think i have with angled mags,

the old timers used to do that back in the day with cut ceramic mags for unlimited
Walts track ain't as difficult as our wizztrack is,think about it Mike,to stuff 63.5 ft of track on a 4X16,means it's not gonna be easy,no matter the layout,and this ones got a hairpin that's only 9".
Lyle's the one who's gone the 58,on the red lane no less,he's done it with 2 differant style of builds,one on Gary's rubber tires and one on slip-ons,one with an old custom wound BSRT arm and the other a 35 spinner,he's using the glued in canted motor mag idea,and we've got 4 other guys who've also got the canted mag idea into their Storms also,all told we've got 6 cars built this way,that'll all run in the 60's no matter who drives them,some are on sillyfoams too.I've got 2 cars that are both knocking on the 50 door,and my cars are legal drop-in cars on slip-ons,i haven't glued any of the mags into any of my cars,yet,lol.
Have i mentioned that these are freaking Storms that in nobodies mind are any good for these classes,um might be time for a change of thinking for the neo guys
The other thing is these cars are using a very light and slim motor mag,along with a thin long low profile lightweight traction mag
Lose the magnet weight,even level 50 mags can't offset the weight of a tall traction mag.Low profile and slim is the way to go in Neo's
Mike if this is like any of our other ideas,5 yrs from now i figure the rest of the guys will figure it out Wink
Yea Yea,i know i got rocks in my head,been told that before :lol: ,but judging by the numbers off Walts track this weekend,and our numbers,i think we might be onto something,time will tell i guess

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