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first two t2's
well i bought two t2's to mess around with with some extra tire set ups. both are pro ss kits from slottech with the narrow gap arms and bigfoots. one is a flex lite and the other is the second gen red.

after building both i put .355 fronts and .458 slottech rears on the car. (tomy track). of course i did all the basics on the car before i put it onto the track. ie. flatten shoes to rail, restrict shoe and tune motor. they both handle fairly good but the white one is faaaaassssttttt.

the handling and speed of both were great on my local track but when i take the car to a race in cleveland on saturday, the car went sour. i never lost and speed but the handling went down the tubes. the car was loose. i went lower in the front by .015 and the mags werent hitting flat they were heeling bad. i soon gave up on the car and went to my g's.

im going to do some more tuning on wednesday and put my tuning results up
Dude, dont Dude me like that.
I would try some law breakers or ASTs as well

try 454 and 456 as well

was the problem on turns? car would slow down or hop sideways on the back end?
Remember to add your races to the RACE Calendar
The RACE Calendar

no hopping or anyhting like that. the car was in general to tall
Dude, dont Dude me like that.

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