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Router guides
Got my router guides finally built,gonna maybe take a stab at routing in my power rails this morning,any tips out thereBig Grin
what kind of router do you have?
CISCO? Nortel?

are you running BGP, OSPF?? us computer guys want to knowTongueBig Grin

The little Ridgid guy that Gene reconmended,and the one Todd and Ted designed the base plates to fit

Here's a pic of one on Genes routing board

Here's a pic of the base plates Todd designed and Ted built,for routing the power rail pockets,they work slicker then anything else i've seen.
If you look close,you can see a half moon cut-out at the bit,that half moon piece rides right on a styrene guide,and makes routing the pockets a no brainer.

Todd was out today,and made a video of the rail laying,using his phone.
If it turned out okay,he'll probably post it.
I'm just using a hard surfaced carpet roller to roll the rail and lockwire in.
I'm using .065" square weed wacker line (trimmer string)for lockwire,and i'm amazed at how easy it and the rail roll into the slot,and it puts a good grip on the rail even with-out glue.
So if Todd posts a video,i'll make sure there's at least a link to it here.
Reed switches are in,i use 2 per lane,that way i get well over an inch of car travel tripping my timers
All the rail pockets are routered,now i'm laying the rails and building tools for the job at the same time.

The tool building is almost complete,i hope,now i gotta see if they work Big Grin

Using Gene's idea for getting glue into a slot,and man does this tip of his work good Mike.
are you still gonna glue it in?
with the neo mags, I would
Yup,i'm actually using good old 2 part epoxy.
It goes through the syringes and needles pretty easily,and it locks the rail in solid.
I had to use pliars to pull the rail off the sidewalls of the slot on my test sections,so that's what i'm staying with even though it's messy and time consuming to use.
The plastic weed eater line will pull out of the epoxy by hand,but the rail i had to grab with a good set of pliars to dislodge it out of the slot

I also found laquer thinner wipes up the excess epoxy and doesn't seem to attack the surface of the sintra.
I've only been using a rag dampened with thinner,i don't know if i'd slop the laquer thinner directly onto the sintra,but a small amount on a rag doesn't seem to hurt it.

It's been a learning curve Mike.
I gave myself the summer to get it finished so i'm not really pushing myself to hard on it.
Built and wired the tables last summer,so i figure this summer i should get the top of it finishedBig Grin
The Road Runner left, i'm operating at Wily E Coyote's speed,behind the 8 ballWinkTongue

(07-21-2011, 05:43 PM)slotking Wrote: are you still gonna glue it in?
with the neo mags, I would

The only ones i've got so far,are the pic's and video Todd took,and i figured most guys had found them over on HobbyTalkWink.

Got one section railed and painted,only 2 more to go.
Masking and painting the lanes is taking longer then i'd thought.
I'm painting in between the rails for the lanes,and it's a royal pain in the rump getting everything masked off.
Painting's never been one of my stronger points,lack of patience i think,so i'm not enjoying it much,lol

(07-27-2011, 11:34 AM)slotking Wrote: pics??

nice knees

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