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Thunder Storm
LMAO,nope Todd's just that good,he's got some 32nd s'perience and good reflexesBig GrinBig Grin.
Might have to go to Crash and Burn style racing,lol

Sharp eye Mike,lol.
Yea they're all are running old sets of level 15's,i found the guys liked the brass cars better that way ,a little easier to drive for them.
My practice Thunderstorms are ceramic.
All the spec cars run bearings,even the brass cars,so they are high dollar cars,but i wanted bulletproof low maintaince cars for my spec style cars,gettig lazy,Big GrinBig Grin
I'm sure pleased with them though,both styles of cars are virtually identical,got lucky on the builds,now i'm gonna go buy me a winning lottery ticketAngelBig Grin
had to watch a movie with the wife about a lottery ticket issue on the isle of man
it was kind of cut!

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