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slip on silcone tire testing
Thank you.
here are some tire pics!

the orange are the ones that worked the best for me:

[Image: st5-27-12002.jpg]

The browns were also nice:

[Image: st5-27-12003.jpg]

here are the blues, I do like the color
[Image: st5-27-12004.jpg]
What size is the TKO track 4x12? When are the tires coming out, and are they on tuffy rims or is he making rims to. As the group I race with all we can use is slip on tires and I'm always looking for new tires.

4x12 sounds right
rims are from JW,
they should be out soon.

I think he looking at making a kit with 4 or 5 pairs of tires.
Mike how do the new tires seem for life expectancy,compared to the old style slip-ons.
I've been waiting for Nick to release some for the mag cars,as they sound pretty intriguing.
I'm getting down on tires,and i want to give the new ones a try,as curiousity is getting to meWinkBig Grin
So i figure i'll wait till the magnet versions are out before ordering more tires

they are the best!

1>they stay on the hub! they do not grow and fall off like othes

When I 1st started to use them, I was surprise at how well the handled compared to softer silicone tires.

2>they last! and last!

as far as slip on inline or fray type tires, they are the best i have used.


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