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new rtho tires
saw the following email

The new RTHO RT -220 Wheels for Nostalgia class and the new RT- 225 Tires for Nostalgia Class are ECHORR approved.

here is the info I got:

New Nostalgia class RT-220 wheel's & RT-225 tires.
Mounted tire OD is .356 and the tire width is .117
White wheels & white or black tires.

The old RT-295 & RT-285 combo has .362 OD & .092 tire width.
They will still be available.

The RT-285 tires have won a lot of races.
On the ECHORR site the "Winners Circle" only list's one Nostalgia class race.
It shows the top 3 cars were using RT-HO tires.

New ones are the same compound only smaller OD & 26% wider.

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