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With the announcement of this years Greenbrier Thunderjet challenge, I started to play with the cars for this race. Tried many arms for the DQ'ed :o Arm I ran last year Smile

Nothing as been close! I went through 10 mean greens and other hot arms fro the 5.8ohm limit to about 14ohms! Nothing!

So I picked up 4 new arms 2 mean green arms & 2 AFX all green arms.
so far 3 seem to work pretty well, I may be back on track.

Before i go to far, I will throw the chassis in the jewelry cleaner, and do some testing
twists & turns!

I grabbed an old greenbrier car that was sitting in the display.
no oil or prep, and its my fastest car so far.

I am afraid to clean it and prep it. the cars is very smooth, but pops out (short guide pin) it running a blu/blk Ford J body.

The old number 1 car is fast, but is outta wack because the gears need to polished(new plate)!

Time to pull out the ol' Crest toothpaste

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