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Greenbrier Challenge OIL issue
I have been running the greenbrier race for many years.

I made a big mistake today that cost me at lest 3rd place.
My car was running good, but after a while it was getting tight, slowing down, then picking up speed.

each heat is 20 minutes

i cleaned the shoes, not fixed
I oiled the arm hole and pinion hole, not fixed

But i had a body with no open side window, so i could not oil the gear plate (never had to in the past).

so after the race and slipping to a 5th place finish. i found that under the idler was dry.

My bad, I used a product i have tested for an induro. I used "super speed gear lube" it works ok for regular races, but I will go back to my oil mix.

My stuff lasts for the whole race

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