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New Chassis
[Image: jag_c_gr.jpg]

By Jag hobbies
Just saw that. Very interesting. Will have to try a couple. I still have quite a few original Mega G parts that should work. I like that the chassis can be adjusted for both short and long like the old Tyco 440 X2. Of course, most of they guys probably wouldn't be interested in them.
Not sure
I like that dash made a care, but sad that he stopped.  I think because he tried to do it all himself instead of getting people to help.

I wonder if the will pan out?  T-jet bodies on an inline may not last
have been trying to get hold of some Dash chassis a.s you know Mike, loved you comment about facebook, I need al, the laughter in my life I can get right now.
I did order 4 of these chassis from Jim, the look like they'll been fun to play with and easy enough to modify.
Will make a good Iroc series variation anyway.
Maybe time to bring this thread back to life?
I just bought 5 of these chassis. My plan is to build an IROC group using AW and Race Replica Trans Am bodies.
I really like that most t-jet bodies can be brought to life with something more modern and far better performing than a 50 year old chassis.
The good: these chassis perform well. Good handling and almost as fast as many Mega-G cars that we race. Good access to parts (and also provides a secondary source for many parts that can be used on a Mega-G chassis). I love that they screw right up to t-jet bodies that would otherwise lay in my parts boxes unused.
The bad: One chassis came out of the package with a full longitudinal crack underneath the rear arm bushing. Most of the 4 other chassis have partial cracks. The cracks can be glued using CA but this design fault needs to be addressed (I have discussed this with Jim at JAG Hobbies who is working on it). The gears do not mesh well and I immediately replaced them with 7/24 replacements from BSRT. 
All in all I like this chassis and will explore it further. Anyone else playing with these?

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