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Raffle win
I won a raffle fray car last week, and started to work on it to get it up to speed.

Today I made some changes, but in doing so the front axle set was shorting out on the dyno.
that caused it to get hot.
that caused one of the hubs to melt to the metal!

videos soon

Well if this isn't just a Pisser!

AKA - Black Oxxpurple
LOL Big Grin


I like the car, it has good potential to be a good race car.
Before I play with the shoes, I need to get on a track to test.

I was hoping to do it this Sat but I may not get a chance to go race Sad
some more videos on he process:

Got to test the car today.  It was about doing about 8.5 seconds and my other 2 cars were 8.0 and 8.1.
So I added more brake which increases brush tension and the car dropped to 8.2

Very happy with that!  I think some wizzard rockers on the front will help even more.

I was testing some other cars and thought wow, they should be pushing some higher dyno numbers.
I realized I have not oiled the dyno and over a year I think.

things are looking better.

I have an old anchor front end I put on the raffle car.  hope to find out next weekend on the track.

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