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amps and arms
trying to speed up a waffle car i won. So testing out motors with my tach. Then I remember something I was told by an electronics engineer. he said that a good motor should use less amps than the normal or bad arm. So now when I find 2 arms of the same speed, I end up using he 1 that uses less amps
Yes and no.
The more efficient motor with a more efficient arm will use less current. This is better for tracks with power limitations.
A motor that takes more current will be faster if it can get adequate power supplied to it. It will also generate more heat as a by-product so cooling may become an issue which will limit performance.

In general I am talking about  arms where RPM is the same.  The lower amp arm should be more efficient.

My friend provided me with some good demonstrations of what he was talking about.
And boy does he have some fast cars!!

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