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tire setup
When trying to setup my car for the model motoring track,

I started with the BSRT rubber tires which seem to be in the 440+ range on the bsrt G3 HUB.

The car was hitting 4.2 on the middle lanes and was real easy to drive on 3 lanes.
But it was a complete dog on the red lane! It could have been part of the power problem, or just to low for that lane?????? I think best i could do was 4.8+.

The car really likes these tires on TOMY track, but of course it has less down force.

when I put a different axle set that had 460 tires which seem kind of tall the car ended hitting 3.8 in the middle lanes and 4.4 on the red gutter. dave said i should be using compound A tires and not the B's I had on it. he does know his super tires!

I guess I am confused that a TYCO ran so well being that tall even on a HDF track

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