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TYCO sprint car tips

How about some spint car tips!

Tire sizes, compound
brush spring size brand etc..

motor mag orientation


I will change the title later
Mike, A lot of it is common stuff. No voodoo here. Tires, I run Supertires 'A' compound, edges rounded. Sizes vary of course from chassis to chassis. It'll vary depending on the bulkheads too. I run a check mark front and a 4 dot rear. My main race car runs a .422 on one side and a .426 on the other. I've been running Slottech .006 high temp brush springs and silver brushes. Motor magnets depends on which way the motor revs higher, clockwise or counter clockwise. That too may vary from arm to arm. Sometimes I run stock shoes sometimes ski shoes. I don't really have a preference its whatever I have in stock. Sometimes I run stock P/u springs sometimes I run .009 doubles. The stiffer ones if I need a little speed on a long track.
for the info

As far as I can tell, my cars suck, but I really have no base line for the tycos as of now, with a bare chassis, I am about 3.5 seconds off the SS pace.

It back to the big money of arm sorting! I have gone through a bunch of arms, only to find 1 that seems decent so far.
I do very little in the way of arm sorting for these. I don't think you need to.
with everything the same, I found 2 arms out of about 11 much better than the other 9.

But I am not sure if they are org tyco arms or newer whatever stock arms.

the other fun thing is broke my paint gun, so I may have to use a marker to do up a body! LOL
the bsrt rubber tires seem to work really well on this cars
The car was much easier to drive.
I also added slottech 007 brush springs and the dyno showed an increase in speed!
Mike, The rules call for slip-on silicon tires not slip-on rubber
They're worth trying.
rick, I really like them!

I think most rules that say slip on silicone were made to exclude silicone coated tires,
not to exclude the stock tires that come on a car or other rubber tires.

To tell someone their rubber slip on tires are not legal! Seem a little extreme to me.
but that's just my take on it!

If people are going to see running rubber tires as an issue, I will not run them.
As far as tires go,i think BSRT's new rubber tires are one of the best innovations to hit the market lately,next best thing to sliced bread :lol: :lol: .
We've been using the soft versions on a 300 dia JW hub on our Neo cars,and they seem to have roughly the same life as a slip-on with quite a bit better traction.
Personnally on the back of a poly or neo car,i think they're a better tire then a silly foam tire is for that style of car,better life and comparable traction
I couldn't believe Davcar when he said their rules called for slip-on silicones,man that seems like somebodies splitting hairs if you ask me.

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