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We will be running TYCO & LL Sprint cars next season

Need tips for the tyco!
no adjustable barrels
any gearing
slip on silicone rears
any front
stock arm
plated electrics ok
you know how the balk heads work, 4 dot back and check mark front.
malaysia chassis
space the arm with like .015 in the front and .030-.035 in the back.
.006 springs and cut down your brushes to .165 in length.
. depending on how fast your able to get the arm i would go with stock gearing. it might be alot easier to drive plus tycos love that stuff.
run the stock patriot shoe springs with bsrt ski pick ups
for tires i would start with like a .345 front and .430 in the back. maybe even lower.
Dude, dont Dude me like that.

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