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silver brushes
Yo guys, I am new to posting on this site. But thanks to Slotking I can finally do it. I have been trying to get on for a VERY long time. As usual Slotking came through. The nman is not only slotking, but computerking also! Just a bit of information, dont try to make jtet motor brushes out of sterling silver. Because it is a GREAT way to screw up an armature. Since I am ajeweler I thought, why not I can get it cheap enough. Good thing I used an old beat up arm. Screwed up the comm. BIG time. Anyone else have any tales of bad ideas they would like to share? SLO.

Back in marly inline days, I used regular silver brushes in an ro!
can you say poof :lol:

now days the slottech silver bigfoot brushes work fine

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