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27-tooth crown
I have a fairly small track(4x12) that has as many curved sections as straight-aways. Anyway, I had a race on my track with 4 stock tyco pan chassis cars with NASCAR bodies(I hot glued them in place for the race). I changed the rear-end set up to a 27-tooth gear crown and stock 7-tooth pinion. I also set the the tire height to .442" for each car. This made for some interesting racing with fewer speed wrecks and a nice rhythm pace for all the racers. The backstraight top speed was a tad slower, but the cornering control was worth it.
if u want try spacing a new arm with .010 in the front, .035 in the rear, then cut the brushes to .180- .165 in length, use a .006 brush spring. let it break in for about 15 min at 6 to 8 volts. i get a lot of speed with my tyco pro stocks 440 x2. i usually run a 25t, ive never ran a 27t :blink:
Dude, dont Dude me like that.
one trick with the tyco is to run it low with a junk arm to really groove it
slotking Wrote:one trick with the tyco is to run it low with a junk arm to really groove it
Pics please!!!

But it had real nice deep grooves.

My #1 T1 has deep grooves in from the 12 hour enduro, I will try to get some pics of it
With pan chassis, I used to run 3-dot bulkheads front and rear, narrow chassis front tires on pan chassis rims, for short track light shoe tension and limit shoe travel. I rules allow try Patriot double springs, the tension is good as is. I agree with Chris on the 7/25, try Lifelike gear set, ussually runs a little smoother.

Just don't tell G-Tuner, no pics for him!!!!! Tongue He's seen my Pans run live though. Wink
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:purple'>WHY???! LOL!!!</span></span> Tongue

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