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I saw a post on the wiz BB where he had cut the tabs off the newest vortec arms so he could advance the timing.
then used epoxy to keep the comm from turning.

In order to do this, he had to basically dewind the arm to get the com off to cut the tabs. What the stand on that?

is that legal in the various race groups?

It allows the manufacturer to basiclly make semi custom arms?
Mike, many groups including HOPRA have allowed these arms to run for close to a year now and the twisted comm arms longer. I remember reading posts dating back to August 06. Seems like they have been legal all this time. Why bring it up now?
who cares anyways, they still suck, stock tyco all the way
Dude, dont Dude me like that.
no problem with the twisted comms!

The problem, as I see it stems from a post bob lincoln mad on his wiz bb.
He asked if anyone had noticed a difference in his new VORTEC arm.

people said no,

So he posted a pic showing a VORTEC comm with no stop tabs.

Normally when the comms are twisted, the tabs get bent or break inside the tab hole.

But what bob said is that the new arm comes with NO tabs.

The only way to do this is to uncrimp the comm, pull it off the arm and cut it.
then epoxy back on.

the way to tell is the old arm will have very tight wires and loose wire.
the cut tab arm will have all 3 pretty much the same, which means some dewinding took place.

They may have been run for a while, but most people would not stop to think about it.

Just because no one noticed, does not mean they are legal
Mike, everyone saw the posts. Did anyone in any group, including yours, go out pull the arms apart to examine them and determine what he did or did not do to the arms to make them so? I have never seen a post where anyone did this or made the case that what had been done violated any rules. Just mere speculation.
I did not think about at the time.

then recently I saw a post with the SS arm rule.
that made me think about bob's post.

I recenly talked to another racer who had the comm come while cleaning the comm.
he took a look, and said they were cut off.

making hot stock advance time arms this way, allows him to make some special one for his special drivers if need be.
I would hope to think that they are manufactured this way from his supplier.

I hesitate to think that he is cutting the wires off of the comms, dewinding, reattaching and then epoxying. All this for a Super Stock arm that retails for $10?

I may have issues with the guy but this one is a stretch.
That is the problem with our racing as a whole Mike. We are quick to point something out but the people making up the governing bodies for our rules either do nothing about it, can't do something about it or we do not follow up with them to do something.
mit makes millions of arms, try buying a few from them.
let alone ask them to cut the tabs off the comms before putting them on the arm?

Who ging to change their manufacturing process to do this?
Then change it to add epoxy and wait for the arms to dry?????


The only so manufacturer to do this is the wiz himself
I don’t know what the rule is regarding tabs on the comm. that locate the timing but I checked 10 wiz arms and they were not tampered with to advance the timing after they were wound.

I think they are just twisting them and then epoxying.

As you know, when these arms are machine wound it is continuous.

So, if you pop out the tabs of the comm only one tab will have the connection where both ends meet to make the final connection. Basically, it is one continuous strand of wire wrapped around each pole of the arm.

I checked 10 super stock arms (from my dark days) and only one tab had the connection where both ends meet to finalize the connection with the other two tabs clearly having the wire over the tab continuously.

This means that there is no way that all of the armatures that I looked at were dewound to advance the timing in anyway.


Are you thinking that Bob is dewinding the arms, removing the comms to cut the tabs so he can advance the timing and then totally winding the armature again?

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