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Storm chassis problems
Has anybody else had any problems with the latest Storm chassis.
We've broke about 6 or 7 chassis's lately.
They're all breaking at the very back of the traction magnet boxes,right where the magnet box thins down and mates up with the thicker wall of the chassis.
Just curious if this has showed up for anybody else,it's only on the latest versions of the Storm chassis.
Yea i know we shouldn't hit the wall that hard,lol
Thanks Ben.
At least we now know it isn't just us hitting the wall,lol.
Did you ever break the older Storm chassis,for us it seems like the newer chassis has the problem,as we've never had the older chassis break like these ones are
Are the chassis blueprinted? Check and make sure that the rear clip isn't pressing out on the traction magnet box.
My 2 that broke were blueprinted,but i don't think the other ones were.
It could be clip,as i know i always make sure it does the double click on install,i'm not sure the other guys do the double click though.
My Storm was not blueprinted when it broke. It also broke in the same place. I emailed WHP about it failing and they asked where it broke and I told them. After a few emails they came out and said that they don't warranty the soft Storm chassis. I told them I wasn't looking for anything for free. I told them I emailed them to let them know about the problem so they could use the info for R&D purposes but they just dismissed it , now I guess we know why. Don't waist your time contacting them over it since they won't do anything about it. Glenn
LOL,Glen been there done that with Bob several times over the last few years.
Not much for warrenty outta either him or Gary though,had a few issues with Gary and his lack of warrenty also,can't speak about Tony as i've never had a warrenty issue with his stuff.
These weren't the soft chassis's
Maybe if enough guys yell and bitch though,some weak links might get fixed,lol.
You can only hit the wall so many times before something breaks.
How are you blueprinting them? Baking or boiling?
Boiling them Josh,not a firm believer in an overly stiff chassis,even on my R/O's
I prefer baking them. I have found there to be many advantages by baking the chassis. I wasn't very impressed with boiling them.

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