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Lucky Bobs Jet Class Rules
Lucky Bob’s Jet Class Rules

1. Cars must be brass weighted inline motor chassis manufactured by BSRT, Slottech and Wizzard High Performance. Eligible chassis include the BSRT G-Jet…G3 & G3R, Slottech Panther Jet and Thundercat T2-Jet and the Wizzard Thunderstorm. Chassis may be flexible, medium or stiff.

2. Each car must have the rear traction magnets replaced by Brass Traction Weights as manufactured by the chassis manufacturer for that chassis. Heavy or Light weights may be used if offered by the chassis manufacturer for that chassis. If light weights require spacers then spacers as provided by the chassis manufacturer must be used.

3. Each car must have a front brass weight(s) as manufactured by the chassis manufacturer for that specific chassis.

4. Chassis may not be modified except to add body mounts.

5. Glue may not be used except to add body mounts, retain the guide pin or to act as “locktite” for the BSRT G-Jet front weight screw.

6. Front/rear weights may not be modified.

7. Aftermarket, third party, weights and non-brass weights are NOT ALLOWED.

8. Extended length guide pins are allowed.

9. The motor must be as provided by the chassis manufacturer. Minimum armature pole to pole resistance is 5.8 Ohms. Hot stock / balanced motors may be substituted for the stock motor. No Custom Type Armatures.

10. Motor magnets must be as provided by the chassis manufacturer. Magnets may not be cut or restricted by any artificial means. No additional magnets may be used.

11. Armature bushings may be brass or plastic. Bushings may be reamed and chamfered. Ball bearings are NOT ALLOWED.

12. Front rims must be plastic or aluminum. Front tire height is open. Chassis front axle holes may be reamed to 0.052”

13. Independently rotating front rims are allowed.

14. Rear tire material, coating and height is open.

15. The maximum allowable lateral movement of the front axle is 1/32 inch may use axle spacers.

16. The maximum width of the car is 1-5/16” (1.3125”).

17. Rear rims and the crown gear may be lightened. Spacers may be added to the rear axle to adjust gear mesh.

18. ANY Electrical system must be as provided by the chassis manufacturer. Bigfoot brush systems are allowed. Pickup travel may be limited. Helper springs are allowed. Shunts are NOT ALLOWED.

19. MAY USE Rear axle retainers.

20. MAY USE Gear BOSS.


22. Track voltage will be 12V+ 0.5Volts

23. All final decisions regarding rule interpretations will be made by the track owner.

24. Cars may be subject to inspection/teardown before/after the race to satisfy technical inspection.

<span style='color:red'>Lucky Bob wanted the cars to be as presented by the manufacturer as opposed to letting things go wild with Tyco's and what have you joining the party. To clarify one item. The Slottech cars come with brass weights on their plastic front rims. Those weights are under the jurisdiction of Rule 3 and must be used</span>.
Well the <span style='color:red'>nit picking </span>has started again heres my thought on it

I strongly feel if Hopra were to adopt the <span style='color:#BF0000'>Lucky Bob Rules </span>which I believe are far better than The Exclusive G Jet Rules by Bsrt.

Which Im sure some very Professional & Experienced <span style='color:#BF0000'>Racers</span> have contributed to & assisted getting it to the Table, Unlike the <span style='color:#BF0000'>few </span> who have done nothing but provide <span style='color:#BF0000'>envy </span>and <span style='color:#BF0000'>spite</span>.

I feel this would be the<span style='color:#BF0000'> Best </span>move for<span style='color:#BF0000'> Hopra </span>and many other <span style='color:#BF0000'>Groups</span> who are trying and running the Pro Jet Class <span style='color:#BF0000'>Inclusively</span>.

And far as Third Party Parts, <span style='color:red'>I can follow and race the Lucky Bob Rules as they Are and if all things go right and I'm looking forward to doing so and having Fun</span>.

But if I had my way Third Party parts would definitely be allowed as long as they are made to the Original Manufacturer Specs which is allowed in all the other <span style='color:#BF0000'>Pro Classes</span> the <span style='color:#BF0000'>Pro Jet Class </span>should be no different.

All of these weird names and ideas that many of the Bsrt contention is bringing up are simply smoke screens and extreme efforts to ensure and protect the integrity of Bsrt's creation the Gjet now with that the Exclusive gjet by itself is no good for a Group like <span style='color:#BF0000'>Hopra</span> but it is great for the <span style='color:#BF0000'>G3 Championships</span>

The Pro Jet Class is designed to be <span style='color:#BF0000'>Different</span> from the Guru's intention from the beginning.

<span style='color:#BF0000'>The Pro Jet Class was designed to be a closer bridge and appetizer and support to Super Stock.</span>

It was never designed or pretended to be as what The Guru intended who claims his car to be Non Magnetic and doesn't use downforce - whom interesting - which is Totally ok with Me .

The Pro Jet Class has its own identity by using Reduced Downforce as compared to todays Super Stock by eliminating the Traction Magnets .

The easiest part about this is I like many others already have SS equipment, especially Tires and knowing what already what works on most tracks.The transition to & from the Pro Jet Class to Super Stock has been easy and Less time consuming.

In addition to this I have found like Many others is that the <span style='color:#BF0000'>Pro Jet Class </span>cars are actually <span style='color:#BF0000'>Cheaper and Easier </span>to Maintain especially being ran at a reduced Voltage between 12- 14 volts, Resulting in less, wear and tear equaling More Fun !!! .


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